Wednesday, October 31, 2007


For many years I've written rhyme and used it in a thousand ways. I've published my verses in artprints and millions are out there in the world. I've written drafts on napkins at McDonald's and paper tablecovers at Macaroni Grill. I've given my poems to friends, strangers, and family members since I was in high school. Some of those faded, torn, and dog-eared original drafts are squirreled away in file folders and drawers here and there. The polished, framed, finished pieces in many formats reside on my computer's hard drive, on walls, in wallets, in books, on banners, on crystal vases, hand-lettered on the seats of directors' chairs, and a zillion other places of all descriptions.

Now, I'm ready to start sharing them in another way....on the computers of the world....hoping visitors will discover they can use some of my poems and ideas to be tailored for their own use.

When I can find and match the drafts to the final versions, I plan to show the drafts and tell a bit about what I can remember thinking and scheming at the time the draft was created. Of course if you're talented in these ways they'll be of little interest to you. However, I've found the vast majority of the people I see and talk to....and who see snippits of my craziness...seem to feel there might be mass appeal. If that's so, you may see this column blossom into a multi-faceted work that I hope will always be in progress with masses coming and clicking clickety clack to all the ads supporting my ramblings.

My work is targeted for those who would admit to their 'challenge' when it comes to a romantic message or a clever verse that fits the occasion. It's all about wordsmithing so I'm opening my files, heart, and soul, hoping you find something to fill a need.....or create one.

And while you're reading this, visualize me with a napkin, a ballpoint pen, and an Egg McMuffin at the Golden Arches where I've excavated so many of my best word combinations. As I fondly recall, that first egg and English muffin and poem about my son's baby shoes all came together on Story Road, in Irving, TX, at an early McDonalds, circa 1973., to prove to me someone is reading this first one...revisited on March 16, 2010....say so and I'll post a couple of those hidden-away rhymes.


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