Tuesday, July 05, 2011


On a hot July 5th evening in 1961 I met the girl who would become my wife just shy of 7 months later.  The photo here was taken in 1984 so I must admit she's just as pretty but there's a bit more of me with a bit less hair.  Bit, being considerable.

Two rather home-spun kids took the plunge on February 10, 1962.  For the 7 months before that date and continuing through almost half a century, I've put pencil and pen to paper of all descriptions and I've written rhymes of love, appreciation, and fun to this lady who inspires me daily.  Oh, she doesn't get a new issue every day but the collection has come to fill a couple of file drawers.

Today marks a significant milestone since that chance meeting at the Dairyette in Hugo, OK.  I penciled a poem, about that evening, on a legal pad that she'll get later in the day.  May share that one here later down the line.

Since this is a little corner of my day that will have my attention somewhat regularly, I'll share some of my reams of rhymes from time to time.  (Sorry, it just comes out that way.)

Often, these things eek out of my head the night before the day of celebration or the newest milestone.  Sometimes they've cooked during the night and wake me at 5:00 a.m. the morning of.  On occasion, they're almost completely formed.  I must scurry to get them recorded on the nearest napkin or shred of paper before they evaporate.

The one below was my Valentine edition in 2010.  If I did one...and I'm sure I did...for V 2011 I don't know where it is.  But it's in a drawer somewhere waiting to see the light of day again in this space one of these days.

Meanwhile, from February 14, 2010.

If I were Johnny Mercer,
I'd pen a masterpiece
To say in clever verse and song
Just how our love has moved along
An it would never cease.

If I were legendary Cole,
The Porter known so well,
I'd write and play a melody
Filled with love to you and me
And all the world I'd tell.

If I were Oscar Hammerstein,
Lyrical and in love,
I'd fill a thousand lines or more
And I'd have Richard write the score,
A songbook of passion from above.

But I'm just Ken of average skill,
Blest, and thankfully, 
I found the girl 'neath heaven's sun,
An angel for me, two hearts in one
And the best is yet to be.....

Forever Valentines and Sweethearts.....2010

©2010 Ken Brown

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