Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Below is a letter from this young man.  It's an idea for anyone with a teen-ager needing extra cash for high-shool or college.

This is Micah from Tennessee. His Mother enrolled herself and Micah in my engraving seminar in the spring of 2006. His parents knew of my seminars and foresaw the opportunities their son would have with a special skill in college. Needless to say the ability to personalize gift objects would pay far more than flipping burgers or washing cars.

Micah, like most young people who catch on quickly, amazed me. His work was simply incredible by the end of the third day in the class. He had no previous experience with any of what he did and he outshined most of the adults from almost the beginning.

Oh, if I had only had the skill when I was at college. I flipped burgers. In 1960, the going rate in dorm's snack bar was .40 an hour. Yes, forty cents an hour. But I did get free food while on duty!

Recently, I got a letter from Micah and I'm sharing it below.

        Hey Ken!
I attended your engraving seminar in May of 2006. I was fifteen at the time. I engraved at Belk during the Christmas/Valentine's/Mother's Day seasons at our local malls in 2007 and 2008. The women working at the fragrance counters were very supportive--they marketed it everywhere from the loudspeaker to fliers to their most loyal customers. But the mall I engraved in was in Johnson City, a town about the size of Waco or Wichita Falls. I know there are larger opportunities out there.

Later I thought about engraving at spring wine sampling events in Asheville at the Biltmore Estate, the largest private home in the United States. It is now open to the public, and its winery is the most visited in the nation.

Next semester, I plan to start my freshman year at Cedarville University. Almost providentially, that college is just 66 miles from Kenwood Town Center, which will welcome Cincinnati's first Nordstrom September 25th. It seems like the perfect opportunity. But since Nordstrom in Cincinnati on opening day will be a much higher caliber than Belk in Johnson City, I would deeply appreciate any tips you could offer.

Thanks you so much,
I gave Micah some suggestions and tips and he's earned from $50. to $75. per hour at the events. Pretty nice income for a college kid.

So, here's my idea and special offer to you.

BRING A KID TO CLASS. Maybe you have a son or daughter, or grandchild, who would love the chance to learn a wonderful new skill to help with college expenses. It works. What a great high-school graduation gift it would be. Or a birthday gift. It's a cliche but this is truly a gift that keeps on giving....for decades to come.

If both of you take the PROFESSIONAL course, the published $1500. per person fee will cover BOTH of you. Student comes FREE.

The same deal goes for a spouse or a friend if you enroll at the same time.  Offer is available for a limited time.

Call us at 214.250.6958 to reserve your seat(s).


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