Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Meet Joanne, from southern California, who became my FIRST Ken Brown Certified Engraver. Not the best digital photo from 2001 but the best I have. Joanne not only was the first to certify, but the first one to enroll in my first seminar. She's a gorgeous lady who has made her engraving pay rich dividends through the years.

In addition to engraving items for individuals, she's a regular at several major department stores in the Los Angeles area where she does fragrance bottles at their special events near holidays and other special occasions.

Gail and I still have a wine bottle, unopened, that Joanne sent to us for a wedding anniversary several years ago.

By the way, in that first class, we had another lady from Memphis, a lady from near Austin, Texas, a man from southern California, and a lady from Atlanta who produced videos for a large manufacturer of crafts materials. We held the class in the conference room of a small hotel in McKinney, Texas, over the Memorial Day weekend.

Let us hear from you if you have an interest in attending one of our Seminars.


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