Monday, March 29, 2010


Have been working on a feature story to promote my engraving seminars and it hit the internet this past Tuesday. Had a lot of help from a talented lady who is an expert at these things. She did a masterful job of getting me 'out there' so I'll share the link with you.

Well, it's done and in cyberspace so take a look. As you've seen on the bottle in the previous post and a zillion other items on my site, hand-engraving is simple a phenomenal way of providing a universally-popular service that renders a nice income stream. I've proven time and time again that if a person has desire, patience, and some hand-eye coordination, this can be learned. I'm totally self-taught, but it took me a lonnnng time to get it right. The seminars I teach are the fast-track to learning and you CAN do it if you want it badly enough.

Great fun here in the engraving should come join us!


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