Friday, March 19, 2010


When I was in 5th grade I discovered golf. At first, from the perspective of a rookie caddy, chasing golf balls in the rough, bobbing for balls in the creek, and toting a bag of clubs for the golfer who was paying top fees for 9 holes. A fat fifty cents. That included all the above and about 2 miles of walking behind the guy blasting balls everywhere but inthe fairway. We got our drinking water from garden hoses strewn around the greens. There were no golf carts back then! It was all quite primitive. But I got the fever and eventually got my own clubs.

Well, all that went away as I became an adult and got busy with other things. I still have an affinity for the game but now I find myself not toting the other guy's clubs but engraving his or her name on them. Can't say it's as much fun as playing the game but it's a bit more profitable unless I gambled and that's surely not my game.

The photo shows a driver with a black titanium head onto which I engraved the owner's nickname. I think he thought this would help his game but have no idea that it did. However, he loved the personalization and probably made bets beyond his limit, thinking this cool club would shave strokes.

I hustled all the Dallas area country clubs several years ago and engraved enough clubs, put end-to-end to stretch from the first tee to about the 5th green! The golfers love them. The women love them even more. One lady, after a long hot round of golf and about 4 martinis at the bar one July afternoon came up to my table and

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