Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is an Estee Lauder mirrored compact. It is a discontinued design that was offered at $55. several years ago in stores. They are no longer available. We obtained a quantity of this, and other similar designs, directly from Estee Lauder in New York. It is 2-1/4" in diameter with a mirror and well inside for a small translucent powder and puff available at any Lauder counter in department stores.

The back is a matt finish and perfect for the name of the recipient to be engraved.

In going through my files and archives, I find a lot of references to angels, and, without planning it, several have already shown up in this column. I suppose we all have our own ideas about them. Below is a verse I wrote about one in 2006; in my case the angel is my wife. Perhaps it fits for some Mother or special lady you know.  Compacts are available from KEN BROWN STUDIO.  214.250.6958

I asked for an angel,
No halo adorned,
No gossamer wings,
No trumpeting horn.

I asked for an angel
To brighten my view,
Thank God of the angels,
He’s given me you.
-Ken Brown copyright 2010

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