Thursday, March 18, 2010


     Hats off to Dan Piassick of Dallas who photographed this grouping of my engraved wine bottles. They were shot during a photo session for D HOME Magazing; they did a nice little squib on me in the March-April 2010 issue. It's an upscale, slick magazine on the scale of an Architectural Digest so I was pleased to have been on a page with three others, all labled 'Craft Masters.'
     These bottles show the variety of look and feel of some beautiful bottles that were personalized for various people. The tall one was for the Dallas hand surgeon, Dr. Paul Ellis at Baylor Medical Center, who keeps these two hands in great shape. 
     Up until about 3 years ago, fragrance reigned in the Ken Brown Engraving Events but wine has passed fragrance for me. I'd bet there is a far larger consumption of wine than fragrance....and far more often. The only limitation to wine bottle engraving is champagne and sparkling wine. Because of the pressure in the bottles, those are too dangerous to tackle with the drill. If a bottle has a weak spot, that nobody would ever notice, the engraving could set off an explosion of the bottle so those are off limits for personalization with hand-engraving. They can be sand-blasted but that's another story for another time.
     If you're not a calligrapher or engraver, watch for some of the messages in future posts....or even previous ones....that you could type on paper and present with a bottle for your own special occasion or gift need.



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