Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here's a wedding proposal I did for a NORDSTROM customer at one of my engraving events there. It's one of maybe a dozen various proposals I've done through the years for in-store customers visiting my engraving table. least 3 were for women doing the proposing! See more of my bottles.

As a wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift, below is one of mine you could engrave on a bottle of his or her favorite fragrance. If you don't engrave, but can do calligraphy, letter it on a classy sheet of paper and frame it. Or, perhaps you might just type in a graceful font....on nice stock...and give it with the gift. Be sure to personalize it with the recipient's name and sign yours at the bottom. If you plan to frame it, be sure to trim your paper to fit the frame and leave adequate margins for the matt and frame covering the perimeter of the sheet.

Heaven's scent, you leave me breathless,
Fragrance lingers where you are;
In a world of wondrous angels,
You are heaven's brightest star.

-Ken Brown copyright 2010

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