Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On February 10, 2004, Gail and I celebrated wedding anniversary number 42. Yes, hard to believe it was 1962 when we walked down the aisle of her tiny Methodist church in Soper, Oklahoma. Church was full of people. We were full of love and still are. Below is the poem I wrote and gave her early on our anniversary. As they usually are, this was last-minute and there was no time to engrave it on a vase or calligraph it on a piece of parchment.
So, if you have a special one coming up yourself, you might jiggle the numbers and tweak the words to keep the same thoughts strung together. Remember, you have a computer with a lovely bunch of fonts. If you're not skilled with the quill, then type away and good luck on your special day!

We share with you.....

Today is special for you and me,
For it's forty-two Anniversary.
A love that started quite carefree
Developed and grew so carefully.

The heavens knew this boy and girl
Were destined partners in the world
Where each, whose love would soon unfurl,
Would make their marriage, the rarest pearl.

So here's to you and here's to me,
Two kids from the sixties, grown to sixties be,
Whose love will last to eternity....
Oh, yes, and the best is yet to be.

I love you, Gail, my own special Angel.

-Ken Brown copyright 2010

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