Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, someone DID read to the bottom of my first post on Halloween, 2007!

She has already emailed and asked for a suggestion. Thank you Susan from Tennessee!

You mentioned needing something for a birthday for your 'angel' guy in another city. Here's one of the zillion I've written to Gail and I'll share it with you. If you can do calligraphy, get a piece of paper and letter it. If not, pick a pretty font and type in on a nice piece of stationery stock. The office supply stores have lots of choices. Put his name at the top, sign yours at the bottom and date it. Roll it up, tie a pretty ribbon around it and put it on his plate the next time you have dinner together. Good Luck!

Often, women come up to me at the table at NORDSTROM, or MACY'S, or MARKET STREET and say, "Ken Brown, if you ever teach a 'husband's class' on the sentiments you engrave on bottles and in your other writings, I'm sending my mine for you to teach a thing or two!"

Well, that's always a huge compliment but I have no idea just how that would work...or if it would. So....I share my words...to men AND women...and you can adjust them as necessary to fit your needs. Good luck. I'd love to have your feedback. For now, my email address is in my profile on the home page.


P.S. Please do spread the word to a dozen friends who do computers. I have aspirations for these reams of rhymes to be bound and on bookshelves one of these days so I don't have to work so hard finding people to teach my lettering and engraving skills!

I would sing the melody,
My heart would hum the harmony,
To show the whole world family
Just how much you mean to me.

A thousand violins or more,
And harps to play the lovely score,
With angels perched above my door
To show how Thee I do adore.

-Ken Brown copyright 2010

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